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Workshop on Understating Writs 08/05/2021

Jurisdictio Omnis is a platform to inspire, encourage and develop legal understanding of students. To this relation, we are organizing a Workshop on the topic ‘Understating Writs.’ The following will be covered in this workshop:

•What are Writs?

•Scope of Art. 32 & 226

•Writ of Habeas Corpus•Writ of Certiorari

•Writ of Mandamus

•Writ of Quo Warranto

•Related Case Laws

Webinar on Testamentary & Succession Laws 10/04/2021

A webinar on the basic understanding of Testamentary and Succession Laws from the expert himself that is Adv. Bhalchandra Saraf.

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Webinar on Basics of Civil Law


A webinar on the basic meaning and types of civil law along with its procedural aspects by Mr. Pradip Kadam who is an Advocate at Bombay High Court.

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Arbitration and It’s Use in the Future


Jurisdictio Omnis conducted a webinar on ‘Arbitration and It’s Use in the Future’. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method by which parties confer their dispute/problems to arbitrator(s). This method has various advantages and in the near future, its use will only increase. The webinar was conducted by Shalvi Mehta. She is an Arbitration Lawyer and an Online Faculty for Arbitration. She is an alumnus from the Gujarat National Law University. She has been practicing ADR since 5 years now and is also an advocate for ODR. She has also been teaching Arbitration online for the past 2 years on a platform LawSikho.