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Offences against human life

  1.  Abetment of suicide (Section 305 and 306)
  • Section 305 – abetting suicide committed by a person under 18 years of age, or by an insane or a delirious person, or an idiot or a person in a state of intoxication. Such offences are punishable by death or imprisonment for life, or imprisonment for 10 years and fine.
  • Abetting suicide committed by any other person. 
  1.  Attempt to commit murder, culpable homicide or suicide (section 307-309)
  2. Attempt to commit murder (S.307)

If a person does any act with such intention or knowledge and under such circumstances that if he by that act caused death, he would by guilty of murder; the person is punishable with imprisonment to ten years and fine.

  1. Attempt to commit culpable homicide (S. 308)

Attempt to commit culpable homicide is penalized by section 308 means doing any act with such intention or knowledge and under such circumstances that if the offender caused death by the act, the person  would be guilty of culpable homicide not a murder.

  1. Attempt to commit suicide (S.309)

Attempting to commit suicide and doing an act towards the commission of the offence is punishable with simple imprisonment for one year, or fine or both.

  1. Being a Thug (Section 310 and 311)

A thug is a person who has been habitually associated with others for the purpose of committing robbery or child-stealing by means of, or accompanied with murder. Gangs of person habitually associated for the purpose of murdering travellers of others in order to take their property are called thug. 

Habitual association with others with the intention of committing either robbery or child stealing accompanied with murder, constitutes this offence. If it is proved that the thug has committed murder, he will be punishable for murder.

  1. Offences relating to the birth, death, exposure of children (S. 312-318)

Offences relating to the birth, death of children are sub-divided into the following.

  1. Causing miscarriage ( Section 312-314)

-Voluntarily causing a woman with child to miscarry, otherwise than in good faith for the purpose of saving the life of the woman and without her consent.

-Act done with intention and cause a miscarriage.

  1. Injuries to unborn child (section 315-316)

– Section 315: doing an act which is not act in a good faith, with intention to prevent a child being born or to cause it to die after birth.

-Section 316:  intentionally create situation which caused the death of a quick unborn child by an act amounting to culpable homicide.

– Section 317: exposure and abandonment of infants (a child under 12 years) by parents or persons having care of the child, with the intention of wholly abandoning it is an offence.

– Section 318: intentionally hide the birth of a child and by secretly burying or otherwise disposing of the dead body of the child, and after such incidents child dies before or after or during the birth, is an offence under section.

  1. Subjecting wife to cruelty (Section 498 A)

If a husband or any relative of the husband of a woman subjects the woman to cruelty, he becomes punishable with imprisonment for three years.

  • Any intentional act which is dangerous in nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health.
  • Harassment of the woman, whether such harassment is with a view to coercing her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of her failure to meet such demand.
  • The greed for dowry is at the root of the offence where the husband continuously held out threats of taking away the son and harassing the wife to meet his dowry demands, to the extent of compelling the wife’s parents to sell away their property, it was held that such treats and harassments are punishable under section.

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