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Karla granted Bail in oxygen concentrator black market case

On 16th May, 2021, Sunday, Navneet Karla, a businessman was arrested by the police. The Delhi police had filed a case under section Sec. 420,188,120B,34 of the Indian Penal Code and sec. 3 and 7 of the Essential Commodity Act 1955 accusing him of keeping over 500 oxygen concentrators in restaurants. This case had been transferred to the crime branch.

Trial court had refused to grant Karla interim protection from the arrest. The single judge bench of high court consisting of Justice Subramaniam Prasad after listening to the matter turned down Senior Advocate Abhishek Sanghvi’s request of anticipatory Bail and orally stated that he was convinced by the trial courts order that interim protection at this stage could not be granted.

The advocate representing the petitioner during the submissions mentioned that the quality of the product was not of high standards and hence it was a case of cheating as he induced people to purchase those concentrators and earned huge profits.

On 20th May 2021, he was sent to a 14- day judicial custody as he was accused in the case of black-marketing.

Navneet Karla on Friday then accused the Delhi police officers of distributing the oxygen Concentrators seized from him and also stating that they are low-quality products. The police refuted to the contentions made by the defence stating that the sell was done after the businessman sold it to them claiming it was a premium German made quality.

In the present matter there was another hearing regarding the plea made by Delhi Police for the custody of the businessman. The defence submitted that the police had no jurisdiction for conducting the arrest or investigating the matter as it is regarding Drugs and Cosmetics Act and hence pre-trial detention cannot be allowed. The plea was then dismissed and the Karla was granted bail. The court while granting bail stated that it would be granted if the accused furnished personal bond of two sureties each of Rs. 1 lakh. The court also added that the businessman could not contact the customers to whom he had sold the oxygen concentrators. He was ordered not to tamper with evidence or influence witness and along with this he was asked to join the investigation whenever required.

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